Our clients are in the business of providing affordable and accessible housing and services, but not in navigating the complicated planning approval process.

We provide the following services to assist our clients:

  • Preparing legal opinions to support developments and programs
  • Predevelopment assistance reviewing site selections
  • Analysis of land use and zoning requirements for development
  • Preparing the requisite planning approval documents
  • Assisting in remedying noncompliance and code violations
  • Guiding the organization’s public hearing preparation & presentations
  • Representing the organization at public hearings

Knowledge and Experience for the Development Approval Process

The Law Office of Kim Savage is by your side in your legal matter, accessible and reliable in addressing community concerns that often arise when locating your development or program in a neighborhood.

We have substantial experience providing the following:

  • Developing a strategy for community acceptance
  • Advising on program design for effective neighborhood relations
  • Preparing clients for community meetings
  • Drafting materials for public distribution
  • Guiding public relations
  • Meeting with and responding to a wide range of stakeholders
  • Reviewing and advising on website content