The Law Office of Kim Savage uses civil rights laws for new developments, re-use of properties and the expansion of existing programs. Civil rights laws provide important opportunities and protections for affordable and special needs housing developers and program providers. Our legal strategies using civil rights laws in land use and zoning matters are innovative and tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Legal Advice and Counsel

We assist our clients in understanding how civil rights laws may impact their development and shape how a matter is handled. The Law Office of Kim Savage uses the law affirmatively, to further housing opportunities and, where necessary, defensively, to protect a program and its operations.

Legal Expertise with the Necessary Housing Specialization and Experience

Enforcing Rights

Not all matters go smoothly in the complex world of development and land use. Discrimination may occur in planning approval processes and decision-making. Community opposition to protected housing rights may also raise legal challenges. The Law Office of Kim Savage provides clients legal representation when necessary to enforce or protect important rights through appeals, administrative complaints and other venues.