The Law Office of Kim Savage has a broad background in California housing laws including landlord-tenant laws applicable to most, but not all, residential tenancies. Many housing providers run into trouble because they are relying on outdated or incorrect information, act without legal authority, or have taken the position that these laws do not apply to their operations.

Our clients are provided with comprehensive legal advice and counsel for compliance with the law and we stay up to date as the law changes. We understand the intersection of federal and state fair housing laws and California landlord-tenant laws.

We provide a careful review for landlord-tenant law compliance because this is a vulnerable area for housing providers. While many nonprofits think that this affirmative step is a luxury they cannot afford, this proactive approach is much more cost effective than defending a lawsuit.

In-Depth Knowledge of Residential Housing Laws Gives Our Clients Protection

If disputes do arise, mediation services are available for resolving housing conflicts involving landlord-tenant and fair housing laws. This nonlitigation approach benefits all parties in settling disputes through a more flexible and efficient method.

The Law Office of Kim Savage also develops housing policy and undertakes legislative review and analysis on behalf of advocacy organizations and associations. Upon request, we provide support letters for advancing our clients’ goals.