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Kim Savage has been practicing law for 30 years, working in both private sector and public interest law firm settings

Ms. Savage’s legal experience includes representing a wide range of housing developers and providers for successful sitings, managing federally funded education and outreach projects, conducting housing studies, developing policy for state and local government, litigating in federal and state court and, providing a wide range of trainings to individuals, organizations and local governments.

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Our clients are in the business of providing affordable and accessible housing and services, but not in navigating the complicated planning approval process.

We provide the following services to assist our clients:

  • Preparing legal opinions to support developments and programs
  • Predevelopment assistance reviewing site selections
  • Analysis of land use and zoning requirements for development
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The Law Office of Kim Savage uses civil rights laws for new developments, re-use of properties and the expansion of existing programs. Civil rights laws provide important opportunities and protections for affordable and special needs housing developers and program providers. Our legal strategies using civil rights laws in land use and zoning matters are innovative and tailored to meet clients’ needs.

We assist our clients in understanding how civil rights laws may impact their development and shape how a matter is handled.

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Kim Savage has practiced law in California for 30 years. Her experience representing low-income individuals and families and persons with disabilities, and her current specialization in representing nonprofit organizations and other entities, provides her with a unique and valuable perspective for effective client representation.

Ms. Savage’s consulting work with local governments provides an additional perspective that is advantageous to clients. Kim Savage assists her clients in understanding municipal planning approval processes, the role of decision-makers impacting clients’ projects and the level of influence of neighborhood stakeholders.

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The Law Office of Kim Savage has a broad background in California housing laws including landlord-tenant laws applicable to most, but not all, residential tenancies. Many housing providers run into trouble because they are relying on outdated or incorrect information, act without legal authority, or have taken the position that these laws do not apply to their operations.

Our clients are provided with comprehensive legal advice and counsel for compliance with the law and we stay up to date as the law changes.

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The Law Office of Kim Savage represents primarily nonprofit organizations, although not exclusively, and every step of the way we are mindful of funding challenges and budget constraints. Our clients are mission driven and we are committed to the idea that their money is best spent on programs and services to individuals rather than unnecessary legal fees.

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